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Homes Designed and Built for Accessibility

Could you live in your current home if you had a life changing health event?

Many challenges come with aging, don't let your house be one of them.  We have made it our business to help you stay more independent through your golden years.

Our homes allow someone to stay in their home as health challenges develop - most other homes today are not planned for that.  We believe an affordable home with access remedies already considered is essential for our community particularly with the number of Veterans served at the VA Hospital right here in Prescott.

Accessible Home Design Features:

  • Level throughout - no stairs - anywhere
  • All doors are 36" with a 42" main entry door
  • Waterproof hard surface flooring
  • An exit door directly from the master bedroom to the covered patio or in case of an emergency
  • 5’ diameter areas in the master bedroom, closet, bathroom & shower
  • Wheel-under access for the master bathroom vanity
  • Tiled master bathroom
  • A depressed shower for roll-in access with a personal shower wand
  • Grab bar backing in the walls in the master shower
  • A floor-level covered patio accessible from the dining area & master bedroom
  • 5’ diameter in the kitchen + in the open great room 
  • Wheelchair access at the kitchen sink
  • Dropdown roll-in seating at the kitchen peninsula
  • Garage level access doors off the front walk and to the laundry room
  • Safeguard Home Security prewired

All amenities highlighted here are included in the base model (1500 sq. ft./3 bedroom/2 bathroom) home. We also have designs for larger homes.  Additionally, we can build on your lot and work with you to design and build just the right home for YOU!

Our founders, Jerry and C’Ann, saw the need to accommodate the challenges many individuals face today or may in the future.  We are addressing these needs in our community with Accessible Home Design.

To learn more about how our homes can help you remain independent, contact us today!



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