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Prescott Arizona, Home for Veterans

The Prescott Arizona area is known to have one of the best V.A. Hospitals in the nation. Many vets move here for their veteran benefits and to be close to the... read more

When Life Changes Living

Thinking about relocating to a new home? Better really think through it all the way. So many people pick a neighborhood and a house but do not put much thought... read more

How We Design Features with Access into Your Home

An Accessible Home Design does not need to look like a science lab. You can build a standard home with a few minor changes that will work for most folks... read more

Accessible Home Design Discusses Concerns for Wheelchair Access when building a home in Prescott

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you find that a family must now use a wheelchair to get around safely. Accessible Home Designs warns that there are many things you need... read more

Affordable Home Design discusses Baby Boomers building dream homes in Prescott

If you’re in your 50s or 60s and find the kids are gone, many are finally ready to build their dream home to retire in. There are many things to... read more

Accessible Home Design – Home Builder in Prescott - Homes For Today and Tomorrow

Are you nearing retirement age or older and looking to downsize your home now that the nest is empty? Or have you decided that your next home is going to... read more

Accessible Home Design in Prescott gives tips for buying a retirement home

You're newlyweds and you buy a starter home, then kids come along, and you need a bigger home with a yard. Before you know it, the kids have all moved... read more
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